What Sets Us Apart

Orthodontics with Aloha!

At Menlo Park Orthodontics, you’re welcomed as a friend and cared for as family!

Dr. Scott Kaloust and our team will invest the time to get to know and build a personal connection: seeking to understand what you want from treatment. By rejecting the idea of cookie-cutter orthodontics, Dr. Kaloust will collaborate with you to design a treatment approach that fits with your clinical concerns and personal desires.

Combining state-of-the-art technology and techniques with personalized treatment delivers the amazing smile you deserve ... and ensures a wonderful orthodontic experience!

What’s Different at Menlo Park Orthodontics?

  • We have had the pleasure of serving Menlo Park and surrounding communities since 2000, to create generations of healthy and beautiful smiles. The only full-time orthodontic office in Menlo Park, we provide the high-quality treatment experience we’d expect for ourselves!
  • Dr. Kaloust and our team are experienced professionals. We are also warm, personable, and thrive on the real friendships that develop with the people we have the honor to care for. Though we utilize the latest technology in all aspects of treatment, it’s the personalized attention we offer our patient family that is most important to us!
  • We guide you through the process of starting orthodontic treatment with an absolutely no-pressure or sales-pitch experience. Following your initial exam, Dr. Kaloust will sit and review his findings with you. He’ll explain what is happening in your mouth and the treatment options to straighten your teeth and change your smile. Together, you will decide on a plan and you will decide when to start. This is your smile and you’re in charge!
  • Beyond aesthetics, we are also concerned about your oral health. Properly positioned teeth are easier to brush and floss, improving dental health and decreasing the likelihood of future dental disease. Orthodontics also improves the bite: decreasing the stress on jaw joints as well as the facial and neck muscles. You’ll finish with a beautiful smile that’s healthier, too!
  • We offer a fun and relaxing atmosphere that appeals to kids and adults. With Hawaiian décor, tropical music, and surfing and ocean videos playing, we provide orthodontics with Aloha!

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Everyone at Menlo Park Orthodontics is excited you’re considering changing your life by changing your smile. We’d love to learn about your treatment expectations and smile dreams, and talk about making those dreams a reality!

Please contact our Menlo Park, CA orthodontic office and schedule a complimentary, no-stress consultation with Dr. Kaloust and our team today!